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  • Testimonials

  • Traditional Acupuncture

    I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer in April 2007 and after my hysterectomy I visited Vanessa to help me with the after effects of both my operation and early menopause.

    Initially I was treated on a weekly basis and, although sceptical at first, I was soon convinced that acupuncture played a big part in my recovery.

    Vanessa was very kind and sympathetic as well as being highly professional at all times.

    Now two years later I am, touch wood, in the prime of health and only seeing Vanessa a couple of times a year.

    L.Y. Ashby de la Zouch

  • Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

    I am very pleased with my face. My friend even thought that I’d had botox injections. My periods have been much better.

    I no longer get breast tenderness and my menopausal night sweats have disappeared.

    My sleep and psoriasis are also much, much better.”

    K.S. Hinckley

  • Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

    I suffered with a misaligned jaw – after one treatment this had resolved. 

    The lines around my eyes are better and my skin quality has improved. 

    I used to get cramps in my legs but I don’t anymore. 

    I also feel full of energy.”

    C.W. Hinckley

  • Fertility Acupuncture

    I was about to undergo IVF, and knew that acupuncture had been shown to be beneficial.  I had done previous IVF cycles without acupuncture, which hadn’t been successful, so wanted to give it a try this time. 

    I found Vanessa Higginson’s name on the list from the British Acupuncture Council, and was thrilled when I discovered that she had considerable expertise and experience in IVF-related acupuncture.  It was so reassuring to have treatment from someone who knew what I was talking about when we discussed my IVF cycle.

    I found Vanessa to be a huge support during my IVF treatment.  She was clearly a very experienced and proficient acupuncturist, who explained what she was doing at each session, and the rationale behind it.  She was also very helpful with appointments, managing to fit me in at times that suited my IVF cycle.  IVF is very unpredictable, and therefore very stressful, and Vanessa always ensured I was able to have acupuncture sessions at the appropriate times.  She was always extremely professional, but combined this with a relaxing demeaner and friendliness that was very reassuring.

    And it worked!  I am now 26 weeks pregnant, and I feel certain that the acupuncture treatment I received was an essential part of this success.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending Vanessa to anyone seeking acupuncture treatment.

    (Dr) R.G.Leicester

  • Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

    At 40something I had been toying with the idea of acupuncture to reduce my facial lines for several months. But it was six weeks into giving up smoking and stressed beyond my limits that I thought why not give the acupuncture a try. Having never experienced any alternative therapies before, I am delighted by the results and was very fortunate to find myself treated by Vanessa.

    Having told Vanessa which facial lines I would most like to reduce she continued to gently ask me about other aspects of my health. Of course I readily told her about my stress from giving up smoking but she also found out I was sleeping very poorly and I had weak knee joints. Things that I had never thought to mention when I booked my session.

    After six weekly sessions with Vanessa I am amazed that she has successfully treated all of my ills. The quality of my skin tone and colour is much improved, my skin feels thicker – it covers my bones in a softer way – and the lines I was eager to reduce are not so deep seated. My face feels fresher and younger and people have commented that I look well.

    The result of Vanessa’s treatment I am most pleased with is the stress reduction. I have more of a sense of calm than I have had for a number of years. In the first session, as Vanessa was halfway through putting needles in my body, I told her that I felt this tremendous rush through my body which had a calming effect and almost sent me to sleep. I looked forward to going to subsequent sessions to get my ‘calming fix’. After the six sessions I do feel calm most of the time.

    I guess the two spin offs from the treatment I am most amazed with is how well I am now sleeping and that the pain in my knees is now very infrequent. Before the treatment I used to wake every hour or two and lie awake for hours trying to get back to sleep. Now even if I wake I am soon asleep again. I do a fair amount of aerobic exercise classes and running and have for years had to be careful with my knees or they would become very painful. In the first session, Vanessa took the pain away in my right knee and after subsequent sessions the reoccurrence of pain has reduced to negligible levels.

    I am actively telling my friends how good acupuncture is. I can hardly believe the results myself. I am continuing with another six week course to build on the good work already achieved. After this second course, I will be back at regular intervals to top up the results. I have already said to Vanessa, in future if I had any other ills, I would come to her first before going to the doctors.

    My very sincere thanks to Vanessa, who is incredibly skilled at her job and more than this, cares enough to question and really listen and really gives her all.

    J. T. Hinckley